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New Reviews

Bramble’s third release is entirely created using only the human voice. Mainly the voices of Scott Wehman and Morgan Stanton. The ambient drones that are created this way are oppressing, hypnotizing, breath-taking and at the same time reassuring and calming.…

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Now Available

Bramble, “Emergence” Now available from Bottle Imp Productions. You wake from a fever dream suspended in darkness. Your arms, hands, fingers are heavy. You feel the weight of your fingernails pulling you down, down, down into the soft darkness echoing…

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Two New Albums

Two new albums coming to Bottle Imp Productions soon. Bramble’s third ambient drone album, “Emergence“. A long awaited reissue of Life Toward Twilight’s “An Eclipse” EP. Originally, this was limited to 25 copies, but will again be available on CD…

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