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AMNION, “Vignettes”

Night turns to dusk. Dim hints of daylight tint the dry and flaking twigs he steps upon. Partial illumination reveals a shape beneath the cover of a tree. No. A shape of the tree. An ancient piano built of twisted…

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Row Boat, “Sömn Vaken”

The night is restless. It’s aspects prowl and skulk. Sleeping souls lie with no cognizance of the voyeurs, the tempters, the predators surrounding them. A draugen, dead but still wandering in restlessness, may coax you from your bed, may lead…

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Max Greening, “Stereoscope”

Stereoscope is the freshman EP of Vancouver, BC based musician, Max Greening. Combining a lifetime with acoustic guitar and training from Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design Program, Max has developed into an ambient musician in pursuit of never-ending perfection. Vague…

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