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AMNION, “Maelstrom”

Maelstrom ties together ten years of generated analogue and digital noise into a dark and seething aural landscape of sonic density. In bringing his latest album to life Amnion reflects on the last decade of his practice, looking back to…

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Row Boat, “Sömn Vaken”

The night is restless. It’s aspects prowl and skulk. Sleeping souls lie with no cognizance of the voyeurs, the tempters, the predators surrounding them. A draugen, dead but still wandering in restlessness, may coax you from your bed, may lead…

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AMNION, “Dissolution”

Amnion, AKA Roderick Price, brings his years of formal study in both the visual and audio arts to merge with his underground, non-formulary works of musical sound-scaping. Rod’s view of sound as an extension of all art forms is always…

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