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Bramble, “Cycle Stasis”

In Bramble’s newest album, Cycle Stasis, we encounter the deceptive stillness that accompanies the passage of time for all living things. We hear the gentle pulses of a pool burgeoning with life. We hear the echoes of a landscape devoid…

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Various Artists, “Nighttime Echoes”

What sounds do you hear in the night? Do you ruminate on feelings of fear, of guilt, of anxiety galloping through your head, unheeding of your pleas to stop? Do you hear the throbbing of your heart beating and your…

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Metria, “Leaving The Burning Building”

Metria’s debut full-length album, “Leaving the Burning Building” brings the listener into the depth of the crumbling ash and industrial waste that is threatening to entomb the city of Detroit.  Gritty and unsettling, we hear the creaks, and drones and…

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