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Shadowjack, “Pathfinder Chapter 1”

Pathfinder pushes forward and develops the ambient and cinematic atmospherics established on First Bloom. Chapter 1 is the beginning in a multi-part journey through the universe and beyond. Recorded and mastered at 48k/24-bit. Includes bonus 3440 × 1440 px Ultra-Wide…

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In a lonely room a boy sits, slowly turning the broken knobs on an old AM radio. Between the indistinct scraps of local ball games and talk show pundits he hears the thin traces of a far off signal, these…

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Life Toward Twilight, “Edison’s Frankenstein”

In a time when moving pictures were considered new and vulgar compared to the respectable plays of the stage, Edison Studios undertook the challenge to commit the first moving picture version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The intent of this version,…

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