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2 thoughts on “DeLIEN, “Exponential Growth ov Fracture””

  1. Wow, I haven’t listened to this kind of Industrial in a long time. But what I have been listening to is Breakcore. I think extreme electronic music has looped back around and is biting it’s own tail. Not that I’m saying that there’s nothing new or interesting but it’s curious that something created over a decade ago can sound so fresh and new. It also has a Meat Beat Manifesto vibe, which I also like. Cool stuff.

  2. In DeLIEN’s case, a lot of the freshness comes from 1) They’re really good at mixing down and 2) Their sound and composition style was unique enough (despite being somewhat categorical) to make them still sound like they’re pushing new boundaries. I’m eager to hear what they do when given the chance to work on new material again.

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