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3 thoughts on “Skinny Puppy, “Weapon””

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I have been listening to again recently in anticipation of the upcoming tour. I thought to check out some reviews, and your’s echoes my own sentiments exactly, i.e., in the how we got to “Weapon” overview of Skinny Puppy’s history. Skinny Puppy will likely forever remain my favorite band, but my high praise relates to everything pre-Process.

    I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy Weapon as much as I have. I think it’s the best album since Last Rights and there are a couple songs, in addition to Solvent, that harken back to the older sound and as you put, “…there is crack shining through that flickers a nostalgic feeling.” I know it’s selfish to want an artist to rehash their old material, but I would sure love to hear the second coming of Cleanse Fold and Manipulate, or my favorite album, Too Dark Park. Thanks!

  2. I don’t think I so much ever want to see them revisit the old sound so much as I’d like to see their sound evolve from that as a starting point. I felt like the chasm between Last Rights and The Process was far too wide and the newer material is evolving from that break in sound. I love that they take a new direction, I just wish it resembled the band I enjoyed more. I still think Weapon is a fair release and hope they continue down that path going forward.

  3. Daniel your review hit the nail right on the head for me. I think the tragic loss of Dwayne really devastated the band. Also, it is now harder and more costly to use samples of movies, tv shows, etc. Which was a big part of the fabric of their early material. Listening to Skinny Puppy songs without the onslaught of loops and samples interwoven into the mix is well…just not the same. Dwayne was the sample master. Just listen to the first two releases before he joined the band (Back and Forth and Bites) and then listen to Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse and you can hear the complexity and maturity he brought to their sound. Weapon is a vast improvement over Greater Wrong of the Right, HandDover and Mythmaker but I still think there is work to be done. Maybe adding 3rd member bring back more bass and chaos to the mix.

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